Raspberry Pi 5 and Arducams

Hi i just pre-ordered a couple new RPi5’s that are set to ship end of october.

My thought is that they would work even better for the 64MP camera since the RPi4 can just barely run them.
I ordered the cable converters that let you attach older cameras to the new kind, is there anything else I would need. Do you think the 64MP arducam will work with the new RPI5?

Depends on a lot of factors.
If you plan on recording anything, you’ll be surprised to see that the RaspberryPi foundation removed all encoder’s so don’t expect it to do a better job than the pi4, it will actually be worse.
If you want to do AI or capturing photos, it should work.

Just don’t expect it to encode/record videos

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Almost all tasks should perform significantly better on RPi5 than on RPi4.

Even for encoding (recording) the processing speed of the RPi5 should be on par with the hw encoding speed of the RPi4 (see this video).

I hope ArduCam will support RPi5 with its new RP1 soon.

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