Pi 5(Bookworm OS) compatibility with Arducam camera

Yes, you are right.

Similary for Arducam B0270 12MP IMX477. My camera is not getting detected.
I have tried adding dtoverlay=imx477 and all the updates in above thread.
Please anyone can help.
I am using Raspberry Pi 5 (Bookworm OS)

Please follow the steps below to run the bug-report script:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Execute the following command to download the bug report tool:
wget -O arducam-camera-bug-report https://github.com/ketai-dhr/arducam-camera-bug-report/releases/download/tools/arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Set executable permissions for the tool:
chmod +x ./arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Execute the tool to generate the bug report:
  1. This will output an “arducam-bug-report.txt” file in the current directory. Please put this file on the google drive or other place so that I can check it.

I need information of your Raspberry Pi to reproduce the problem on our side.


Thanks for your reply
here is the link to bug report

here is your problem:
** dmesg | grep imx **
[ 3.308953] rp1-cfe 1f00128000.csi: found subdevice /axi/pcie@120000/rp1/i2c@80000/imx477@1a
[ 3.633072] imx477 4-001a: failed to read chip id 477, with error -5
[ 3.633199] imx477: probe of 4-001a failed with error -5

in my opinion its either your cable is connected wrong, the cable is broken, the camera you have is not meant to be connected directly to raspberry pi (rather should be connected through a camera hat), the camera is broken or camera is not supported or you have wrong cable.

but ask @Dion he knows better.

also there are people in this forum that have reported same error for example Pi Zero W can't find new IR-CUT camera - #8 by Dion

he fixed it by “I grabbed a magnifying glass and stared at both the Pi Zero connector and the camera module connector and using your guidance figured out the correct connections for both. Once I did that and tried again it all just started working like it was supposed to!”

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Thank you so much for your help. Will get a new cable online and then update.

Hi henri,
Happy Easter!I’m gonna sleep before I checked my inbox🤣 Thank u for your reply.

Kindly note that it will enable the cam1 port on your Pi5 by default if you add the entry “dtoverlay=imx477”
Which port do you use to connect this camera module?

I have connected it port 1 only.
But can you explain more for clarity

try the other port just in case also

Ok will try. And update

@henri @Dion
I had ordered and received few 22way 0.5mm to 22way 0.5mm FFC cable as you suggested.

But now the problem arises is that. With new cables the Raspberry Pi doesnt boot when connected to camera. And if I plugin camera after booting then it shutdowns automatically.

Do you have any idea about this issue?

probably cable not properly connected. i used to have such issues also. dont exactly remember how i fixed it. i think what i did was that that if it didnt boot i would disconnect camera, boot once, shut down, then reconnect camera and boot again. sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt.
also sometimes it would actually boot but would not display anything on screen but i would still be able to connect to RPI over ssh - u could try that also

I tried many times but it didn’t work.

Can you tell that, wire to be used is same side both ways or opposite?

And my camera is working fine with Raspberry Pi 4, I have checked that

just the metal parts on wire have to touch the metal parts in camera port - the white side. u have to pull up the black plastic part in the port, insert the wire then push the black part back in. Also sometimes my RPI didnt boot when internet cable was connected.

Thanks for your continuous support.
My camera is working now. Actually the wire to be used was reverse side one.

a year ago when i started work with arducam and rpi, it took me 4 days to figure out cable was connected wrong way. another guy connected it i assumed he knows what he is doing

Hi Henri,
Yeah, for those new to arducam and rpi, there are some basic but common problems of usage on pi 5.

  • Connecting the camera to the Camera 0 port but enable the camera via the entry dtoverlay=imx477

  • The wiring connection is reversed.

It is time for us to perfect the wiki doc to help more and more customers save their time on these trivial matters.



I will say that the new owlsight camera is much much easier to setup than the hawkeye
makes me wish i could trade in the like 20 hawkeyes i already bought :confused:

is the owlsight better camera than hawkeye?