Arducam 64Mp burst mode - fastest capture speed at full res

Hello team,

I got the arducam 64mp very early , did some test at that time and was blocked by the capture speed
at full resolution, around 3 second per image. Didn’t found any solution to capture faster than that , I need at least 2 fps , 3 would be better.
Is there any solution to capture with the arducam 64mp at 3 fps , with full resolution ? i can do the post processing later, but I need to record for 30 sec at 3 fps (I have an object on a turntable, making a revolution in 30 sec , and I am capturing these image for 3d reconstruction).
Any idea ?


It’s just the speed of taking pictures

Saving pictures will waste a lot of time because of the need for coding

You can see that it takes two seconds to save the image.

You can write a program that uses multi-threading to take out the data and save it with another thread.

Thx for the example @Edward , so this mean the raspberry pi 4 hardware can give us a frame every 0.7 - 1.0 sec . I also have some nvidia jetson nano , do you think it can be faster ? Is the arduino 64mp supported on Jetson ?


Sorry, 64mp maximum resolution still has problems on jetson, so we didn’t publish it.

there won’t be much difference

any update regarding the 64mp Jetson support ?


It is still in an unpublished state, and the effect needs to be adjusted.