64MP camera cannot Full res with latest picamera2 in Python

I wrote a whole walkthrough back in march for how to set up a RPI4 with the 64mp arducam, and it totally worked.

however, I think because things changed with the picamera2 (you have to install via apt install instead of pip3), now if you try the same steps, you get a “cannot allocate memory” problem

I tried this on numerous pis, 4gb and 8gb and they all suffer from this. I also tried downgrading picamera2 to older versions, but they didn’t work either.

Any idea what is going on here? I just spent 5 hours trying every possibility to get this camera working again with fresh software.

I have a fresh version of bullseye that i ran through my old walkthrough, and it didn’t work

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Maybe you can refer to the link below:
I put the camera driver into the google drive: