16 MP quad array only works once then needs to be powercycled

At first I attempted to use my quad array hat on an older OS. It was working but giving me a long line of the same repeating error message.

After updating and, it no longer being recognized by libcamera and starting with a fresh clean install of bullseye, it will only work once.

The second time I try to activate the quad array, it tells me it has times out and is trying to reconnect.

I found if I remove the hat from the GOPIO and then plug it back in, it will run one more time.

Any help on what I might be doing wrong.

Please attach the output of the commands below:

uname -a
cat /boot/config.txt
dpkg -l | grep libcamera
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~ $ uname -a
Linux raspberrypi 6.1.0-rpi7-rpi-v8 #1 SMP PREEMPT Debian 1:6.1.63-1+rpt1 (2023-11-24) aarch64 GNU/Linux

cat /boot/config.txt

For more options and information see

Raspberry Pi Documentation - The config.txt file

Some settings may impact device functionality. See link above for details

Uncomment some or all of these to enable the optional hardware interfaces


Enable audio (loads snd_bcm2835)


Additional overlays and parameters are documented


Automatically load overlays for detected cameras


Automatically load overlays for detected DSI displays


Automatically load initramfs files, if found


Enable DRM VC4 V3D driver


Don’t have the firmware create an initial video= setting in cmdline.txt.

Use the kernel’s default instead.


Run in 64-bit mode


Disable compensation for displays with overscan


Run as fast as firmware / board allows



Enable host mode on the 2711 built-in XHCI USB controller.

This line should be removed if the legacy DWC2 controller is required

(e.g. for USB device mode) or if USB support is not required.



dpkg -l | grep libcamera
ii libcamera-apps 1.4.1-1 all transitional package
ii libcamera-dev:arm64 0.1.0+rpt20231205-1 arm64 complex camera support library (development files)
ii libcamera-ipa:arm64 0.1.0+rpt20231205-1 arm64 complex camera support library (IPA modules)
ii libcamera-tools 0.1.0+rpt20231122-1 arm64 complex camera support library (tools)
ii libcamera0.1:arm64 0.1.0+rpt20231205-1 arm64 complex camera support library
ii pipewire-libcamera:arm64 0.3.65-3+rpt3 arm64 PipeWire libcamera plugin
ii python3-libcamera 0.1.0+rpt20231122-1 arm64 complex camera support library (Python bindings)

Thank you for your collaboration.
I also need some information.Please follow the steps below:

  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Execute the following command to download the bug report tool:
wget -O arducam-camera-bug-report https://github.com/ketai-dhr/arducam-camera-bug-report/releases/download/tools/arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Set executable permissions for the tool:
chmod +x ./arducam-camera-bug-report
  1. Execute the tool to generate the bug report:
  1. This will output an “arducam-bug-report.txt” file in the current directory. Please send this file to us([email protected]) for further analysis.

I’ve rebuilt using the Pi OS Legacy 64 bit. Now I’m back to the camera needing to be power cycled.

I managed to get a bug report out of it. I will be sending it to the email you provided.

Hi @onilx
I have replied you on the email and I suspect that the problem is caused by the power. You can power the HAT board with the extra Ttpe-c power to see if the powercycled is solved or not.
And then, we can dig the reason for the unclear images due to the focus driver.

Hi @onilx
It is hard to reproduce your problem.

What is the exact kernel version of this older OS?