Whats Ae and what should i use it for?

I see there are lots of these Ae parameters for libcamera controls.

Is it Asymmetric Extremum content defined chunking algorithm?
Is it enabled by default?
What should i use it for?


Can you take a screenshot and show me which part it is? Is it in the source code?



If you have any questions about this particular aspect, I would recommend reaching out to libcamera as we have not conducted in-depth research on it.

whats the best way to contact them? I didnt find any libcamera forum. all i found is that they have a mailing list, but what i have seen so far the discussions there arent about noob questions like this but rather specific development related details.


I can simply make a reply within the scope of my knowledge

No, it’s the automatic exposure algorithm

is enabled by default

You shouldn’t need to adjust this unless you want to do manual exposure.