What is the 'camara module' that would allow the 64MB camara to shoot video in 720p120fps/1080p60fps?

As I understand it, the reason the 64MB camara module can only shoot 1080p30fps video is due to bandwidth limitations, however on the specifications, right underneath where it says ‘raspberry pi only’ it mentions a ‘camara module’ that allows it to shoot much higher frame-rate/resolution modes.

I looked but this module is not mentioned anywhere else. I did find this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NVG2CY4 for the 12MP camera (and it would make sense, it’s using the much higher bandwidth of USB), but it does not mention compatibility with any other camera.

I guess I am asking for clarification/confirmation, is that the ‘camara module’ and if not where can I find it?

Edit: Now that I think about it, ‘camera module’ could just be referring to the true limitations of the camera itself, if that is the case would the 12MP USB Adapter board work to get the full video capabilities?

The sensor itself is capable of high frame rates. The hardware encoder (h264) of the Raspberry Pi only supports a maximum frame rate of 1080@30fps. The one in your link is a UVC board.Currently it can only be used with 12MP, which includes hardware isp and encoder (jpeg). It is indeed possible to break the frame rate limit of the raspberry pie, but you need to treat it as a uvc camera.

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