Weird flashing with 5MP OV5467 and Pi 4b

Using a Pi 4b (running Octopi), and the 5MP OV5467, I get weird flashing sometimes. Only started happening recently, but not happening predictably enough to track. Tried multiple things to diagnose and cannot find a single cause. Any help would be most appreciated. Example here:

could it be due to the light source in the room? try turning off the lights and see what happens. I got interference patterns of fluorescent light tube in the ceiling on my pictures on arducam 64mp. Was about to dig into the rabbit hole trying to denoise and do other stuff then recalled that my colleuge told met its because of the light so i turned off the light and problem was gone.

Another reason i could think of is the automatic white balance. maybe turning it off will help. Or perhaps exposure time is changing on certain frames - the longer u expose the brighter image gets.

Thanks for the response.

I thought that too, it’s in a printer enclosure with an LED bar. So I turned off the bar but I still get the flashing periodically with no light source (other that the night vision of the camera, of course).

I was disconnecting and reconnecting everything last night and noticed a slight crimp in the ribbon cable from the camera to the Pi… any chance that could be causing this random issue? Everything else in the camera works fine.

these cables are tough but there is always a chance. just get second cable to rule that out.

Im really shooting here in the dark but maybe u could play around with awb and exposure controls and see what happens.


The issue you’re experiencing with the Raspberry Pi 4B running OctoPi and the 5MP OV5647 camera module displaying weird flashing intermittently can be caused by several factors. Here are some troubleshooting steps and potential solutions you can try:

  1. Power Supply: Ensure that your Raspberry Pi is receiving sufficient power. Inadequate power supply might cause voltage drops and lead to unstable camera performance.
  2. Check Connections: Verify that all connections, including the camera module’s ribbon cable, are securely attached to the Raspberry Pi and the camera module itself. Sometimes loose connections can cause intermittent issues.
  3. Camera Module or Cable Issue: Try using another camera module or ribbon cable if available to eliminate the possibility of a faulty camera component.
  4. Software or Configuration Issue: Update the OctoPi software and camera drivers to the latest versions available. Sometimes, bugs or compatibility issues in software can cause erratic behavior.
  5. Overheating: Check if the Raspberry Pi is overheating. Overheating can cause performance issues. Ensure proper ventilation and consider adding heatsinks or a fan to cool down the Pi.
  6. Interference: Nearby electronic devices or sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI) might affect the camera’s performance. Try moving the Raspberry Pi away from potential sources of interference.
  7. Troubleshooting Logs: Check the system logs for any errors or warnings related to the camera module. This might provide insights into what’s causing the issue.
  8. Test in Different Environments: Try using the camera module in different physical locations or environments to see if the issue persists. This can help identify whether the problem is environment-specific.
  9. Test with Different Software: Try using the camera with different software or applications to see if the problem is specific to OctoPi. You can try running a simple Python script to capture images or videos using the camera module.
  10. Community Forums: Check Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint community forums or support channels. Other users might have encountered similar issues and found solutions or workarounds.

By systematically going through these steps, you might identify the root cause of the issue with the camera module and find a solution to resolve the intermittent flashing problem.