USB3 + Stereo Adapter Board?

Hello, I’m looking to prototype a stereo solution on Windows I saw this photo on your site which looks perfect, but I can’t actually find where this Stereo Camera Adapter Board is for sale. Is there another solution to get synchronized cameras over USB3 or can you point me to where I can purchase this?


You could purchase Arducam stereo adapter board and USB3.0 camera shield from our distributor here:
Arducam stereo adapter board (SKU: B0130) (
Aruducam USB3.0 camera shield (SKU: B0111) (

Let me know if you need more help.


Thank you! I see there are many camera breakout boards (I think this is what plugs in to the stereo adapter?) but I did not see any global shutter cameras on breakout boards. If I wanted to connect 2 OV7251, for example, to this stereo adapter do I need to buy 2 Omnivision adapters ( and then the 2 OV7251 bare cameras ( ?


A new usb3.0 baseboard which supports connecting two mipi interfaces global shutter cameras will be released soon. We can pre-sell one for you to test. You can contact our [email protected] for more details.


That looks awesome. I contacted sales 6 days ago and haven’t received any reply yet; but I am looking forward to getting one eventually. Thank you for your help!


Sorry to hear that, please attach me your email address and we will ensure that as soon as possible.



Is it possible to synchronize the cameras with the usb3.0 baseboard similarly to what is possible with the stereovision hat?

Does it work on usb2 at a decreased framerate and resolution?

Is it possible to use it with two B0032 cams?

Thank you


Yes, this board’s functions are the similar with the stereo vision hat. It alse can work on USB2.0 if decreased framerate and resolution.

For B0032, if single camera, it can work normally, if double camera, you should make some changes to the hardware.