USB3 shield + AR0134. Best way to reset a powered USB 3 cable and the camera

Hi Everyone and hi Lee:)

As you know we use the ar0134 in our robotics tracking which works really nice. I have one issue I find sometimes and that is that the USB 3 active cable needs to be unplugged because the camera needs to be reset. This usually means unplugging the 5volt power to the active usb cable(which is 20meters away from the computer). and its also means unplugging the USB from the computer. It does happen quite a lot and I am trying to think of a way to be able to reset everything smarter. For example some kind of USB3 relay switch controlled by a microcontroller(probably a ESP32).

I just wanted to put this idea out and as if someone might know of a good way to interface to either pins on the 16bit camera interface to reset power or some other idea.

Right now I don’t find any specific hardware to be able to do it so I will have to invent it.

any help appreciated


Hi @Hochschuh-Donovan

sorry for the late reply,
I don’t know much about this, I will ask our relevant engineers.


I have related problem. In some cases shield can’t connect to camera module and reset help.
Maybe there could be some command that would trigger shield restart and/or power cycle camera module?

Hi @Hochschuh-Donovan @edul

Sorry I missed this post,
You can try to short-circuit C5, as shown in the figure below:

@wong Thank you but I do believe that perhaps I have a different board? See attached image
All the best.

Actually I managed to figure it out. On the 3 16-bit Camera Interface Pin 40 to ground resets the USB 3. This is great now I can hook it up to another microcontroller and reset it over wifi if needed:)

I spoke to soon. Ive tried to pull pin40 high and low. I hear the sound of the usb3 connecting and disconnecting but it does not show in the device manager.

I’ve got ground linked between an esp32 pico and the usb3 shield.

Is it possible I am going to have to reset the ar0134 also perhaps because the shield controls it?

So far not working

I am not sure that this pin can be used as a reset, I need to confirm with our hardware engineer.

For UC-425 please see: