USB_CAMERA_USB_CREATE_ERROR and shared library (Linux)

I have a big framework in c++, which is basically controlled through nodejs. The framework has an NAPI interface which works flawlessly - it interfaces one shared library, which further pulls in other shared libraries - and one is actually a library to grab images from an AR0134 camera through an USB2.0RevD shield. I built that from the streaming example actually.

If I use the shared grabber library through a standard executable, it works as expected. If I do dlopen/dlclose from another shared library it does not work (the Scan works, but the AutoOpen fails). I’m completely lost. All permissions are in place btw., sleep(2) as well. root does not work either… any ideas? thx

ok, nevermind, fixed it… the problem is that the handle (ArduCamHandle) needs to be a pointer, otherwise it can’t be accessed if passed around between the shared libraries… (stupid me)…

Great to hear you have solved it. Let me know if you need more help.