Upgrade imx477 driver to 4-lanes

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I managed to make the imx477 driver work on an i.MX8M-plus plateform using integrated hardware API.

The initial design is based on raspery pi driver which uses two CSI lanes.

Did someone manage to get 4 CSI lanes work with this sensor?

What are the steps to do that?

Thank you
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If using RPI platform, due to the CSI connector just have 2 lanes, so you only can use 2 lanes instead of 4 lanes.

Feel free to let me know if you need more help.


I am not using RPI but phytec Pollux Imaging Kit which has 4-lanes support:


I ported imx477 driver for this plateform and I want to use the 4-lanes now.

I got all documents from sony (standard register settings, datasheet etc) but I struggle with

Yocto device tree and driver structure. Do you offer payed support for that?
Thank you,


Hi @malikcis

For questions related to customization, you need to contact our [email protected] to discuss related matters.


We (Heine Optotechnik) are using Arducam imx477 B0240 and need support to migrate to 4-CSI lanes instead of 2.

Can you deliver us this support and how much it costs?

Has the 4-lane operation been validated yet?

Thank you,

I just wanted to second the request for a 4 lane IMX477 driver capable of 12bit 4056x3040 at 30/40fps. I’m currently working with the Raspberry Pi CM4 platform, but would also be interested in seeing this driver for the Jetson platform. Thanks!