Unable to recognize the sensor on my board

Searching online I wasn’t able to find the sensor on the board I reported on the following picture

For sure it isn’t an imx477 since i already tried the correspondent driver and no cameras resulted available using libcamera-hello.

Someone who can help identifing this sensor and its correspondent driver?

Thank you all in advance!

There is a pivariety chip on the camera board. I suspect that it is one of pivariety cameras, hence, please try the pivariety driver.
add the sentence below in the config file:


If you want to drive this camera, you also need to install custom libcamera from libcamera. Please run the commands:

That’s a Arducam 18MP AR1820HS

thanks a lot for your help guys!!!

Have you fixed your problem? IF so, may you click the “solution” and we could close this thread :-))