Unable to get my IMX219 Camera to Display Video - Libcamera

I'm on the Last version of Bullseye on a Raspberry Pi4B 8gb and trying to get this to work. However, after reading the documentation and following the online instructions I'm at a stalemate here and could use the help. It's a Arducam v2.2 IMX219 Module. Connections and cables are gravy as I've eliminated that as a possible problem by switching it out. Any help would be appreciated. 

Note I did edit the /boot/config.txt file correctly and checked for any misspelling:

Can you follow the posting rules and provide relevant information for checking the problem?

I could only provide one link on your forum post as newcomer per the advisory notification when i created a post. Otherwise I would’ve happily provided the relevant information and easily.

Honestly I’d day I have the time for this. But at this point on my project timeline I’ve moved on and went with a native working solution. Just returning the product at this point.

Okay, so sorry for the inconvenience.