Unable to control zoom on 64 mp camera

I am attempting to follow libcamera and libcamera-apps - Arducam Wiki
for the PTZ kit and pressing ‘a’ or ‘f’ in either the preview or command line have absolutely no effect. Is there any way to control zoom in preview?

I looked at GitHub - ArduCAM/PTZ-Camera-Controller, looked at picamera2, and couldn’t find a way to actually zoom. The picamera2 is just some opencv algorithm that doesn’t provide additional resolution on zooming in. Is there any documentation anywhere that describes how to zoom with focus? The documentation and state of maintenance of the software for Arducam is terrible. I might have to abandon/return my hardware.

If you want to contron digital zoom in preview, I suggest that you can try the command “libcamera-still -t 0 -k
Keyboard Events

  1. “w\W” Zoom in
  2. “s\S” Zoom out
  3. “l\L” Move right.
  4. “j\J” Move left.
  5. “i\I” Move up
  6. “k\K” Move down.
  7. “m\M” Maximum zoom.
  8. “r\R” Restore Default Zoom
    After pressing the corresponding key, press the Enter key again to start responding to the event.

This repo does not apply to your camera module. We are trying to make compatiblity on Pi 5(bookworm OS), before then, please use the Bullseye OS and follow the link below to control the servo:

The servo and the camera are two different things. The digital zoom feature won’t work with that pdf’s instructions. I would like to use the actual OFFICIAL raspberry pi software (bookworm). I can’t expect other things to work if the official software doesn’t. The official Raspberry pi documentation recommends flashing bookworm and that is the official directions for the hardware platform (raspberry pi) that your cameras should work with. Bullseye is end of support in July 2024, which is why installing it is even less correct.

the -k option did not work. I focused the terminal with the command in it. I focused the preview window. It doesn’t work.