Trying to use AR1820HS with USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus

I bought the Arducam 18MP AR1820HS camera module for Raspberry Pi Pivariety and was able to get it working with my Raspberry Pi. I then wanted to use it with my Windows computer so I bought the ArduCAM USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus. I installed the drivers and the Demo GUI Software. When using the GUI USBTest.exe I’m able to scan and find the USB Camera Shield, but no matter what config file I use for the AR1820HS, I keep getting [16:38:08]USB transfer timeout error with no data coming from the camera.

I currently have the AR1820HS plugged into a UC-667 board, and that plugs into the Camera Shield. I also tried using a 22 pin ribbon cable to connect the camera sensor directly to the Camera Shield, but it won’t even turn on when I do that.

Any ideas on how to get my AR1820HS to work with the USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus?

You need to remove the UC-667 adapter and connect the AR1820 directly to the USB Camera Shield, can you provide hardware connection photos and software screenshots?

When I plug the USB shield in by itself, the red light turns on and I’m able to find it in the software.

I did not have any cables to plug the camera directly into the shield, so I bought these 22 Pins 0.5mm Pitch cables from Amazon.

When I try to plug the camera into the shield with one of those cables, no lights turn on and I am not able to detect it in the software.

I’m guessing I’m not using the correct type of cable, can you tell me what I should use?

Sorry, I didn’t explain this, yes the 22pin FFC cable you bought is wrong, this is correct: