Sync Stereo Camera HAT setup

Dear all,

I was playing around the arducam stereo camera hat and I could not find a way to set some acquisition parameters that I can with raspistill, such as ISO, exposure, brightness, etc.

Is there any way to also set those parameters?

Another thing is I have an RTC module on my raspberry pi. How can I have both the arducam and rtc module connected, as the share some of the pins?

Thanks a lot


At present, you can use arducamstill to set the exposure. It does not support ISO control.

Arducam stereo hat does not use other pin source expect power VCC and GED.


I have the same problem but I don’t believe that setting exposure etc through arducamstill is a solution as it does not allow you to use the full resolution of the cameras. If you use arducamstill to set the parameters then run MIPI to capture the image the exposure controls are reset.

Is there any possibility of a solution to this?

I know what you mean. At present, the sdk just provide int arducam_set_control(CAMERA_INSTANCE camera_instance, int ctrl_id, int value); API for use to set the control parameter.

So if I try…

int returnCode = arducam_set_control(camera_instance, V4L2_CID_EXPOSURE, 0x10);

I get a return code of -1 indicating that the call has failed. Is there any way to use the full resolution of this camera and also set exposure (and shutter speed)?

the exposure and shutter speed controls are available in these cameras, I don’t understand why it is not possible to access them through the MIPI library.

This is what I did…