Support for higher framerates for IM477 on Jeton Orin Nano?

What is the situation with the Jetson Orin IMX477 drivers? Are they still being worked on or are we stuck with worse performance than the original Jetson Nano?

I can get eveything working fine (Jetson Orin Nano Dev Kit Board, with Jetpack 35.4.1, etc etc) and I can get both 2-lane (“Camera IMX477 Dual”) and 4-lane (“Camera IMX477 Dual 4 Lane”) configurations working fine (though 4 lane only works on CAM0 though I know it could work on CAM1 with some extra work), but there is no difference between the 2-lane and 4-lane configs in terms of functionality, both modes only offer resolution+fps combinations that are worse than the original Jetson Nano.

It seems baffling to me that the old Jetson Nano dev kit, which only supported 2-lane CSI, was able to get 4032x3040 at 30fps, but the new modern Orin Nano, that supports 4-lane CSI, not only can’t acheive better performance but is actively worse: only achieving 4032x3040 at 20fps. What is the reason?