Suggestion for camera/len combination

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we are designing a product, what will monitor a stationary, fixed installed target, and measuring impact on it. The camera module will be mounted 1.6 meter to 2 meter in distance from the target. The monitoring target size must be adjustable from 20cm*20cm, up to 1 meter * 1.5 meter. With these parameter, we calculate an adjustable focal lens from 4mm up to 35mm, to use the maximum camera resolution for the target sizes. Image frame rate should be 10fps or more.


We need to use a IR camera, 8MP or more. It would be great, if the same camera module could be used with the CM3+ module and the Jetson Nano/Xavier NX module. From what I have read, the Jetson can only use the Raspberry Pi Camera module V2(or any IMX219?) native. Other option would be using a USB camera, what work on both, or the JetVariety board.

There are also different type of lenses, M12 and C/CS mount. Finally, the cost is also important, because this will be a mass produced product.

What camera/lenses could you suggest us for this product?

Should we use M12 or C/CS mount lenses? We saw 35mm CS mount lenses, but no 35mm M12 lens.

We are designing the PCB now. To have full control over all camera features, what additional signals (except MIPI) should be care, for the suggested camera model?


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please contact our Sales, her email address is [email protected] , she will give you a detailed answer, thank you!