Stereo kits with Nvidia Jetson

I am using about 8-10 cameras (i.e. 4-5 stereo pairs ) in my application (Platform is Nvidia Jetson) ,
the low weight and the wide HFOV are the most important factors,

  1. Is it possible to use **[IMX477p stereo bundle kit]
    (B0265N) with M12 Camera Lenses with Lens Adapter(LK003) ??

Note: The CS-mount suggested lens LN051 is too heavy for our application.

  1. I prefer to use Quad-camera kits, so please explain the possibility of each:

a) [B0397] or [B0267]or [B0266] or [B0388] or [B0331] Quad-stereo kit with Lenses (LK003) OR (LK001) to get wide HFOV??

b) [B0396] is stock lens, can we customize wide lens for it to get wide HFOV??

Thanks in advance!