SPI : ArduCam OV5642 (REVC shield) with SD card reader on Arduino

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use an ArduCam OV5642 on a RevC Shield, and to store the picture on a SD card, all plugged on an arduino. I use the script on github “ArduCAM_REVC_Capture2SD”

My problem is that both ArduCam and SD card use the SPI interface, (MOSI - 11 // MISO - 12 // SCK - 13). They work good separatly, I can see pictures with the arducam software and I can manipulate files on my SD card. But when I plug them together it says “ACK CMD SPI Interface Error!”.

The CS of Cam is 10, and the CS of SD card is 7. I changed it on my script on different pins, no results…

Does someone has the same problem ?




Please refer to this link.

Thank’s for the link, it looks like the SD card reader was the problem :slight_smile:


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