Some questions regarding GC0308 camera operational features

Hello Arducam,

Hello Arducam,

Could you please help us check the questions about GC0308 as follows:

1- Based on the below image and register : P0:0x29, please clarify the data pin number orders. The data signals are Y2 to Y9?
So do we have to set the first two bits of register P0:0x29 with 10 [9:2] or 00[7:0]?
2- When we want to use the output in “crop window” mode, what is the “exp level” value?
3- Please give some more detailed information about “Anti Flicker” parameter setting.
4- For normal operation, what is the correct value for P0:0x1a?

We would be appreciated if we have a sample code that demonstrates the register value settings. This would be a very helpful guide for us.

Thank you.



  1. The data signal has been fixed in the sensor, so you don’t need to modify 0x29, even if it is modified, it will not take effect.
  2. There is no direct relationship between “crop window” and “exp level”, “exp level” can be set as much as you want.
  3. “Anti Flicker” parameter setting is best to use the configuration default value, or refer to the manual for modification.
  4. The correct value of P0:0x1a is 0x2a.


I also have questions
1- What does exp level mean?
2-According to the application note description about anti flicker:
"The calculation method is: step * row_time = N * T

  1. step is the value to be written in 0xe3.
  2. row_time is described in detail in chapter 4.3.1 (output timing description)
  3. N is an integer greater than or equal to 1.
  4. T is the period of the lamp frequency.
    That is, when the power frequency is 50Hz, T=0.01s=10ms
    When the power frequency is 60Hz, T=1/120s=8.333m "

Which parameter should be calculated in this equation?

3-What are the registers required to set up the camera?

4-Is it possible to provide a sample code to set the registers?



The exp level means that the exposure length is divided into different levels, which may need to be used in conjunction with other registers.
Anti fliker calculation parameters use 60Hz or 50Hz depends on the frequency of your local AC grid, usually use 50Hz in Europe and Asia and 60Hz in Americas.
We only sell this sensor. The details of the register need the support of the original manufacturer, or you can directly consult the manufacturer’s technical support:

Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately, I sent emails several times but received no response



We consulted the original factory but did not receive a reply either. It seems that because this model is outdated, technical support is no longer provided. Sorry for not being able to help you.