Some Questions about OV5647 camera and synchronization for Jetson nano

  1. I’d like to have a Jetson nano connecting two OV5647 Cameras to capture 2592*1944 @ 15fps for each. I could find just a camera from your product list (SKU: B0215) but it includes lots unnecessaries. I already have many OV5647 cameras and I just need adapters. Is there a way to get just adapter for connecting OV5647 and Jetson nano?


  1. I found 5MP Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit (SKU: B0217J5) but it is not exactly matched to what I’m looking for. I need adjustable camera baseline (distance) and lens holders. Is it possible to use another two separated OV5647 cameras? Can it be working for capturing 2592*1944 @ 15fps for each?


  1. Where can I buy? SKU: B0217J5, SKU: B0215 or somethings. I would be better if I can buy them in Korea.


Please contact our [email protected] for more detail information.