Software compatible with arducam Multicam


I have bought a raspberry and an arducam 4channel board for record videos of rats in a cage.

Like a surveillance system, I have try Motion, motion eye, Kerberos, obs but no software is compatible with arducam. Can you advise me a good software for stream and records my vidéos ?

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For the multi-adapter board , the driver’s cooperation is required. You can use our demo examples to preview the camera graphics.


Your demo run well but no other software.

Sorry for dual post I can’t edit my old message.

What do you mean by “the driver’s cooperation is required” ?


The multi-adapter board need special driver. In fact, it need to control i2c Multiplexer to choose each i2c channel. So, there is no other application tool to be used directly except arducam demo. We will update our hardware and to compatible to more open source application tool.



Let me know when you’ve done this upgrade.
In the meantime is it possible to make good quality video recordings (the cameras are in HD) in parallel to the visibility? Maybe I need to open another question ?


Due to this camera is MIPI camera,which use our own driver instead of other open source driver such as uvc. So, it is not a easy thing to compatible with other application.

In fact, we are developing new multi cameras adapter board (camarray board), and the driver is based on v4l2 framework. In that way, you can visit the camera through the video0 node. You can use such as VLC or qv4l2 player to get the image.

About the second issue you mentioned, For video recordings, we should evaluate from two aspect. The first aspect is the camera and the second aspect is the platform. As I know, for RPI platform, it just supports h264 [email protected] or lower recording. For more higher quality, maybe you should change to another platform. If the frame rate of the sensor can’t up to the 30 fps, you also can’t get the full high quality recording video. At present, our multi adapter board does not support 30 fps. Our latest camarray (developing…)will up to this frame rate.

Let me know if you need more help.