ShutDown Mini 5MP Plus Ardu Cam to Save Power-Lowest power draw possible


I have an Arducam Mini Module Camera Shield 5MP Plus OV5642 Camera Module.

I wish to switch off as much power to the camera as possible for a low power application state. I plan to sleep the Arduino. When I later restart, I can reprogram any settings taht were lost. I want to reduce the mah consumed to the lowest possible.


How is this done. I saw some references to

#define GPIO_PWDN_MASK 0x02 //0 = Sensor normal operation, 1 = Sensor standby

#define GPIO_PWREN_MASK 0x04 //0 = Sensor LDO disable, 1 = sensor LDO enable


But cannot get the camera to consume less power than about 45 mah or so. I thought the camera could be set to consume 20 mah in a powerdown state.

How is this done?


My problem is that I cannot get the Arducam to burn less power than about 45 mah or so. What regs must I program and is there something else to switch off besides what the lines…




delay(10000); //wait a second to allow the led to be turned off before going to sleep


in my code.


All I want this script do is reduce camera power consumption as much as possible. The above lines lower to 45 mah or so. I want more reduction.





Using myCAM.set_bit(ARDUCHIP_GPIO,GPIO_PWDN_MASK),You can only put the camera into low power mode, but the CPLD is still working, so there is always a high current.

If you want to fully control the power consumption of the camera, I think you can control the VCC of the camera directly with a switch and re-initialize it when the camera is woken up to minimize the power consumption.