Several issues with a Dual OV2311 in a raspberry pi 4

I have just acquired an Arducam OV2311 Dual and I am trying it with a raspberry pi 4
I have had mixed results.

I followed the instructions in your pages and did dtoverlay=arducam-pivariety and also installed the apps. I can use libcamera-apps (I then learned that they are similar to rpicam-apps (are they the same?)

I have several issues:

  1. I can not use gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src with the camera. It always give me an error (internal data stream error)

  2. I can not use v4l2-ctl. When I do v4l2-ctl -l it shows me nothing. So no controls available for the camera

  3. Fortunately I can use rpicam-vid ( and actually libcamera-vid too) with the camera. With this I could take a picture and also take a h264 video. Great!
    My problem is I would like to improve the quality of the video.
    Right now it starts good, but sometimes it “jumps” from one pic to the next (I move my hand in front of the camera and my hand jumps ). Also at the end of the video, the quality of the video decreases and the images are not as clear as the beginning

How can I improve the quality of my video? I am planning to use them for 3D reconstruction so I need clear videos. Perhaps a way to improve the compression?