Running 2 IMX462 on RPi OS Buster


I have been trying to get 2 IMX462 camera working on RPI OS Buster Kernel: 5.10.63.v8+ (64-Bit)
I have the 2 camera working on RPI OS Bulseye. But it just does not work on RPI OS Buster.
I have tried following kernel versions: 5.10.103, 5.10.92, 5.10.63, 5.10.17. I never got 2 cameras working.
I found that Libcamera software of arducam is not support in 5.10.92 and version after that, but it works for 5.10.63.
But the kernel driver of 5.10.63 cannot detect 2 cameras.
I tried to compile the driver from Kernel headers, but that process is not working, I am getting following error

Please let me know either of the following:

  1. Kernel version in which libcamera and kernel driver both works for 2 cameras
  2. Link to kernel driver which will support 2 cameras in Kernel Version 5.10.63
  3. What I am doing wrong in compiling of driver, and a correct instruction to compile the kernel driver for 2 cameras for Kernel Version 5.10.63


hi,you don’t need compile the driver for yourself.
i’m sorry you camera is still not work,this means that we still have places where not doing well enough.
“5.10.103, 5.10.92, 5.10.63, 5.10.17” all should be work.
Let’s start with where you got the error in the first place,okey.

Now , i need some information:

cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /etc/os-release
cat /boot/config.txt
ls /dev/video*
dpkg -l | grep libcamera