Run on OV9281 ,no images displayed!

Could anyone kindly answer my question ? thanks very much!
I run the following line on OV9281,but no images were displayed.
python3 -f GREY --width 2560 --height 800 -d 0 --fps

The following info showed but no image was displayed(it was only black)

Hardware is: NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano (Developer kit)
Firmware Version: 65540
Sensor ID: 0x9281
Serial Number: 0xAD2D6527
fps: 5

and here’s my hardware setting

1.what connects jetson orin nano& Camarrary HAT is a white ribbon,AWM 20798, I bought myself.

2.Camarrary HAT is power supplied via USB.

May you tell which camera module you purchased? B0266 or B0267?

Thanks very much,Dion.
I am using B0266 and the issue has been resolved after I connected HAT with Orin nano cam1 instead of cam0.