rPi Camera V2 NoIR Native Windows10

Hello all,

I was looking through the documentation and search and couldn’t find the straight forward answer to this. I have a project I’m working on that needs a NoIR camera connected to a Windows OS machine running a python script for single image captures only (No video and no fast multi-shots required). As best as I can find in research, the Pi Camera NoIR v2 is one of the best deals in the market for high (enough) resolution and low price point. I picked this up with a rPi ZW assuming I could make a convenient link with the Pi in OTG but it’s adding a level of complication and latency I would like to avoid…

My understanding is ArduCAM is my solution. Everything I have read leads me to believe this can 100% be done with ArduCAM USB2 Camera Shield (Rev.E)… Is that accurate? Will I need anything additional?

PiCamV2 -> PiCamera Ribbon -> ArduCAM USB2 -> USB Cable -> Windows PC

Thank you for your insights!



Thanks for your interest in Arducam. You can choose IMX219 NOIR + USB2 Shield Rev.E.

Let me know if you need more help.