RPI 3B+, Ubuntu 18.04 & Stereo HAT 8MP


I’ve tried to follow the instructions at https://github.com/ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera/tree/master/RPI but get the error “Load libarducam_mipicamera fail” when running 1_test.py and the following errors when trying to run “make clean && make”:

I used “sudo install -m 644 lib/aarch64/libarducam_mipicamera.so /usr/lib” as I’m running 64bit and had to change the filepath in enable_i2c_vc.sh to “/boot/firmware/config.txt”, but otherwise I followed the instructions. Hoping for some help in getting this resolved.

Many thanks


the libarducam_mipi_camera driver is compiled based on raspibian system instead of ubuntu system. So at present, you can’t use the driver on ubuntu system.


Hi thanks for your answer. I need to work with ROS2 on Ubuntu, I know several other people have had this issue too, so would you consider compiling the driver for Ubuntu?



OK. I got it. Due to recently I am very busy for camarray release full color camera. The thing is delayed or stop. I will try to compiled it for you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated


I have tried to compiled the libarducam_mipi_camera.so on ubuntu 18 system. This system does not have rawcam component so the lib can’t start normally, we need this component to get image data from CSI2 interface. I think we should tell the raspberrypi to update libraspberrypi-dev to add rawcam component support.

We are a lot to want to use this on ROS and Ubuntu!


I have submitted this issue to the Raspberry Pi official, waiting for their firmware update.