Ribbon cables and the Arducam 16MP / 64MP Quad-Camera

Hi, I bought the 64MP Quad-Camera and am using it with a Raspberry Pi4. While playing around with the autofocus for taking video, I noticed some variablity with the video quality and I suspect it has something to do with the ribbon cables that I am using.

In this thread: How to use arducam_64mp & arducam_64mp FAQ - #24 by Edward, Edward mentions that “[he] recommend using cables within 15 cm.”

The cables I am using are 30cm ribbon cables, so obviously there is one thing I can improve. Also, when the cables are stacked on top of each other, the video contains a lot of static, but this probably isn’t suprising.

My question is, is there any recommendation out there on how to best place the camera cable when operating the Quad-Camera, and can anyone recommend good quality cables with a high signal fidelity?

Thank you, and my apologies if the question is too vague.