Replace filter in stock lens for imx462 productid: B0407

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    B0407 imx462

Hi. Bought the B0407 imx462 with M12 lens. My idea was to replace the IR cut filter of the lens with a IR pass filter to use the lens as a NIR camera.

I got my 10mm circular IR pass filter and in many forums they have suggested that the old IR cut filter can be removed with some small precision knife and glue the new filter into the lens.

I notice that the stock lens for B0407 is all plastic and the lens sits under a plastic casing. Any suggestion how to remove it?

Did you find any solution ?

If the lens itself is coated or made of materials that block IR, then?

May be you need ir pass M12 lens?

I purchased in another site a 10mm circular IR long-pass filter. Issue is that the lens had the IR filter in between the front protection and the lens is attached close to the sensor. So I could not remove the IR filter.

Purchased online 4 different 3.6mm focal lens hoping that one of them will have the IR filter near the sensor so I can remove it with a knife or a hot-gun and replace it with the IR longpass.

As per my understanding, you do not need to put in any ir pass filter to work in NIR once you remove the IR block filter. But yes… if you want to work with NIR in daylight, then you need a visible light block IR pass filter.

I am worried to hear that you didnt find lens you could remove the ir block from. may be some acetone would help ? … though I think you should be careful. cause acetone damages plastic lens, frames and some special coatings.

May be you should have gone with Arducam wide-angle camera board with the same sensor with an IR CUT . That would save you all the hassle.

A lens like this might help.

it has no ir block. but a telephoto.

My plan is to buy these two.

and i will even destroy the second lens trying to remove any ir block.
If i fail, then I will buy this set from uctronics/arducam

I wanted a 70-90 degrees FOV and was not considering the telephoto.

Purchased 4 different 3.6F lens hoping that I will be able to remove one of them.