Raw Bayer Pattern Data

Dear Community,

I am wondering is it possible to get real raw sensor data from AR1820HS Camera. I would like to have an Image with Bayer Data with no interpolation between the Pixels. The result should look like an Array of x,y (3040,4056)(no 3. Dimension). Pixel (0,0) should store the information for the Blue Pixel 0,1 for the first Green Pixel, 1,0 for the second Green Pixel and 1,1 for the Red Pixel, and so on. This depends on the Bayer Pattern. The result should not be compress in any way, like a jpeg compression would do. I am working on RP 4 8 GB. In the best case, someone can provide a Python code example or give me a hint on how to start. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Hi @griller9876

Can you tell me the API you are using?
If it is MIPI_Camera then you can check this example: