Randomly Camera won't register

On boot, there is a small chance that a camera will not be detected when running sudo libcamera-still --list-cameras . When trying to take a photo, it gives this error message:

[10:36:40.671328099] [29953]  INFO Camera camera_manager.cpp:284 libcamera v0.2.0+46-075b54d5
[10:36:40.680605813] [29959]  INFO RPI pisp.cpp:662 libpisp version v1.0.4 6e3a53d137f4 14-02-2024 (14:00:12)
[10:36:40.699933350] [29959]  INFO RPI pisp.cpp:1121 Registered camera /base/axi/pcie@120000/rp1/i2c@80000/ov64a40@36 to CFE device /dev/media2 and ISP device /dev/media1 using PiSP variant BCM2712_C0
ERROR: *** selected camera is not available ***

Rebooting the pi without physically touching the camera has fixed this issue every time.

I am taking two photos at the same time with both lenses.

I am using the Owlsight 64MP camera.

Any ideas on this one?