Quad Camera kit w/ RPI 5

I’m looking to synchronize 4 imagers - I’m not 100% set on hardware but I already have:

  • Rasperry Pi 5
  • 2x IMX708’s (B0310)

Looks like Arducam has several offerings in the synchronized multi-imager space, and in particular several generations of MIPI Multiplexers (stereo hat and quad camera hat). I think this kit is the ‘latest’:

A few questions:

  1. Is the quad camera kit linked above the obvious choice? Anything else I should be considering? Two stereo hats would also work but I don’t know there’s much advantage other than increased resolution
  2. Does that HAT work the Rasperry PI 5? The obvious difference is a) I don’t get to utilize the 2nd MIPI port and b) I would need a different short FPC cable that is a 15-pin to 22-pin adapter - It would be great if someone can confirm this - Would also be good to know its a good mechanical fit clearance wise/etc
  3. I’d love to play with different M12 lenses and use the B0310 IM708’s I already have - Will the quad hat work with my existing B0310 IMX708 imagers from Arducam? I had read somewhere that the Arducam IMX708’s don’t expose the PLL’s so they can be synchronized in hardware, so I’m wondering if the ones with the kit are modified in some way
  4. What does the usb connector on the quad HAT do? I would also be excited for a UVC webcam option, but that’s probably not what that’s for (just want to check)