Python code for capturing the picture with 2MP plus

Is there any python code for capturing the picture and display it? Thanks

Basically I want to find a way to send the image data to the computer without the given host app. Because I want to change the exposure time. It seems the changes cannot be recognized with the host app. Any suggestion? Thanks!

It depends on what platform you use our 2mp plus. If you are using UNO board. Except serial port, you don’t have another way to send image data to your PC. Our host app use the serial port

to transfer image data to PC. If you want to change the exposure time, you should disable the auto exposure time mode firstly. You can refer to this registers to control the exposure


Thanks! I got it to work now. I mean I want to have a python host to control it. Yeah I wrote a script using the serial port to transmit the data.


You are welcome.

If possible, You can share me your python script for other user who need the same functions.