Purple-Pink-Red Image from 8MP IMX219 (uc-350 rev. c) board

Hello all, I’m trying to determine if there is some issue with my camera or if the image I am seeing is normal. The pink/purple image is from the Raspberry Pi camera board marked “UC-350 Rev. C” (the other image is for reference) From what I gather this is a No IR camera meaning that it is unfiltered IR in addition to other light. My question is, is this normal output? If so can I adjust it in software somehow to show a more true-to-life image?

BTW: I captured with this:

“raspistill -ex auto -w 1920 -h 1080 -p ‘0,0,1920,1080’ -v -o test.jpg” I get the same colored output when I stream it as video.





For the NOIR sensor, it is normal and you can’t adjust the color. If you want to get a normal light image, you should use lens with IR filter.

About more information, please refer to this link https://www.arducam.com/arducam-noir-raspberry-pi-camera-motorized-ir-cut-filter/

Let me know if you need more help.