PTZ controller resolution

Hi. Finally on my second and third PTZ controller (UC573) i got two that were working.

It seems like the STM32 micro runs the AN41908 motor driver in full-step mode.
I need microstepping - 16 to 256 microstep since full step is too large. Also there is a large backlash in the gear, a whole step in each direction, both for focus and zoom.
How to fix this? I don’t see the firmware for the STM32 available?

Thanks in advance,

Great to chat with you about the driver of AN41908N, At present, we are optimizing the driver.
Do you have any interest about developing the driver with us?

I’m no expert, but i would gladly help.

Any chance we can make the driver opensource so end users can adjust to their needs? I think this will make it a much more interesting product.