Product Q&A: Your Questions Answered

Hello everyone,

Recently, we have compiled a list of questions from customer feedback and have provided answers below. This will help other customers who might be facing similar issues find solutions quickly. If you have deeper insights into these questions, please feel free to share your thoughts in this thread. However, if your question is not listed here, please start a new thread.

This thread is active and regularly updated.

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1. Would the vlc capture device not get a picture from video0 or video1?

The customer used an IMX219 MIPI camera on Raspberry Pi 5.

We use libcamera instead of VLC to stream the MIPI camera on Raspberry Pi. When libcamera starts, it enumerates all available camera devices in the system. This involves scanning the /dev directory for potential camera device files like /dev/video0 .

2. What’s the chance there are some problems with the a single connector doing displays/camera’s both. (Zero2 & RPI 5)

On the Pi 5, the camera interface and the display interface do indeed share the same connector, but configuration is required in the config file. However, the Pi 0 does not support this feature.