Problem with changing image parameters (brightness, contrast, exposure and others)

The problem is that changing the parameters has no effect, I change the parameters of exposure, brightness, contrast, but the picture does not change, when I replace the adapter with the one I have from previous orders, the problem does not appear.

For the change i use the default window invoked from OBS studio.

I have several B0279 (imx477 for jetson) cameras that I use in solutions on Windows PCs,
I use the CSI-USB B0278 adapter to connect the cameras.

The problem occurs in the new batch that I purchased (from the official Polish partner of KAMAMI),

(I checked if it is not a matter of cameras, cables or software and the problem is definitely focused on the B0278 adapter board).

below videos from testing the new board vs the old one
(working old B0278) correct operation - YouTube
(not working new B0278) malfunction - YouTube

I also noticed that the board is missing some element, could this be the cause of the problem?

(on the left, the new adapter on which it does not work, on the right the old adapter on which it works)

Are the adapters faulty or am I doing something wrong?

We have tested it today and will solve it in the days to come.

Can you please update the topic? In my current project I have 11 of these adapters and none of them are working properly, I’m approaching my deadline to run the whole project and I don’t know what to do.

Sorry for the late reply. We have updated the firmware today. You can reburn the firmware and give it a try again.

@Dion thank you! I’m full of hope :slight_smile:

can you tell me how to upload the firmware? where can i find a tool for this

Sorry, I thought my colleague had sent the tool to you.
Download the file and and follow the guide video.

@Dion thank you very much (yes he sent me right after writing my post), now everything works fine, thank you again!