Problem on Python demos for Linux on OV7251

Hello everyone,

I’m testing the python demos for Linux on a UC-425 RevC, UC-UC-628 RevB and the OV7251 global shutter camera, and both the stream demo and external trigger demo keep failing with ret = 65281.
I previously tested on the GUI app on Windows and everything worked fine.
I currently am testing on Ubuntu 16.04 using Python3.7.9.

I noticed that a similar problem was already mentioned when the newest versions of Python were not supported, but from my understanding now versions up to 3.8 should be supported, is that correct?
Finally, the camera seems to be connected properly and visible, with the function ArducamSDK.Py_ArduCam_scan() correctly returning 1 for the number of visible devices.

Any suggestion on how to possibly solve the problem?
Thanks in advance for the help

Hi @grpietro

Access to USB devices under Linux requires certain permissions. You can try adding subo before the command, or run the program as the root user.