Please provide me the port map for Arducam ESP32 UNO PSRAM (Arducam IoTai)

what are all the GPIO’s usage details like interface with camera, PSRAM and other peripherals. So that I can use the other unused GPIO’s to interface the sensors OLED, ultasonic sensors, some LEDs.Thank you.

Here is the schematic diagram of ESP32.


Thank you very much for the immediate response. As per the port map most of the pins are used. How can I interface with other peripherals? suppose I want to interface few LEDs and some inputs.

Please guide me.



I will try my best to help you. You can select the pins that not used in the schematic diagram. If the pins isn’t enough for you, you could use the SD card pins, on condition that you won’t use the SD card.


Thank you for your prompt response. Understand. Can you please share me the full schematic of the board.



Here is the full schematic file.


Thank you very much for your immediate support

Is the attached document for the ESP32 UNO PSRAM IoTai? It looks like it is for the prior ESP32 UNO board. Do you have the pinout for the IoTai? Thanks.


The document of UC-617.pdf is for the ESP32 UNO PSRAM IoTai. It contains the pin definition of the ESP32 UNO PSRAM IoTai.


I cannot find this file anymore, could you please repost it? Thank you!