Pi Zero 2W and 16MP IMX519 *** no cameras available ***

Thanks for the support.

Late last week we repositioned the resistors, I had an electrical technician help in a professional workshop. Two cameras made it, but two were not so lucky, it’s a very tight spot to work in, and easy to damage the board.

The camera works well on the Pi Zero 2W under the CLI, though has memory issues in the GUI (sometimes it works, sometimes the buffer can’t be assigned).

Overall, and I guess most importantly, the image quality is excellent. I’ve included an autofocus sample .jpg as an example (compressed for the website, the original size is 8MB, 4656 × 3496)

Hi Wong,

I am in the exact same situation, I ordered the quad with the intention to setup 3 individual cameras as timelapse connected to pi zero cameras and bought the quad version, thinking that would be easier.
I am disappointed that it was not made clear the cameras won’t work w/o the quad hat…
Is there any way I can swap the cameras ? I can’t use them and I don’t see myself soldering that tiny resistor…

I just ordered one normal 64mp version [order 86507] although I am a little upset because I already bought the quad kit which don’t work.
If you can send me 3 extra (non hat version) then I will send you back the 3 hat versions + the hat ( one died in trying to transplant the resistor ).