Pi HQ Camera, with C-CS Adapter

I recently posted this question on the Amazon website for the following lens :Arducam 35mm F1.6 Mirrorless C-Mount Lens for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, with C-CS Adapter.

Question:How can i properly install this lens on the raspberry pi hq camera? having trouble with focus.

Answer:Please confirm you have mounted the C-CS lens adapter on this lens, you can try adjusting the back-focus adjustment ring on the camera board to get focus. You can also post your pictures and further issues on Arducam forum: https://www.arducam.com/forums
By Arducam SELLER on August 18, 2020.

That seemed to be the problem, I bought another Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, and I used the C-CS adapter that came with the new camera. Now I have either lost or misplaced the C-CS adapter and would like to know if I can purchase a duplicate adapter from Arducam? I have searched your product line and cannot find one. Please let me know if I can purchase one from Arducam and how to locate it on the website.



OK, you can contact our [email protected] for the CS adapter.