Photogrammetry : how much IMX298 (or AR1820HS) can be used in one Pi 3B+

Good morning everybody,
i would like to take 3D photo scan with 10 cameras (with 10 shields USB). but i d’ont know how much camera PI3B+ can support. i will use juste picture mode, not video mode.
I have another question, for the photogrametry (human), the lens “CS-M0550IR” is the best solution?
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Sorry for my later reply due our Chinese New Year’s holiday.

Due to the Pi 3 just has one CSI interface, so if without Multiadapter board,you just can connect one camera, if using our adapter board, you can connect 4 cameras.

Let me know if you need more help.

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Hello, no problem, happy New Year’s.
So, if i use 1 adapter board, i can connect 4 x AR1820HS (18MP) in one Raspberry Pi3 B+ ?
Or i can use juste 4 cameras( 8 MP maximum)?
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My another question :
what is the name of the RAW file (IMX298 & AR1820HS)? for exemple Canon DSRL (.CR2), Nikon DSRL (.NEF), Sony DSRL (.ARW).

IMHO, output format is array of pixels values and not is one of popular DSLR formats.


Using the Multi Adapter board, you can connect four 1820 or 219. the raw image you get is “xx.raw” format.

Good morning, thank you =)
Q1) So the adapter is “Arducam Multi Camera Adapter module V2.2” ?
Q2) Is it possible to use for exemple 4 adapters in just one raspberry PI3B+ to controle 10 cameras? or i need 3 Raspberry PIB+ to use 3 adapters? my objectif is taking 10 photos RAW in the same time, and the possibility to have the same config (focus, white balance, iso)
Big thanks =)
Q3) if 10 cameras is too much, is it possible to use 3 adapters (8 cameras for 2 adaptater and another adapter to connect to Raspberry ) in one Pi3B+ =)

it is so important. now we talk about 10 cameras, but after it will be 200 cameras =) That’s why i need your helps =)

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one Pi3 3 just can connect On Multi Adapter Board v2.2 and one Multi Adapter Board can connect four cameras at the same time.

So if you want to connect 10 cameras, you need three pi3 B and three multi adapter boards.Yes,

All of them can be configured to the same such as gain and exposure. But it can’t get image at the same time.

Of course if you need more, maybe I can apply for you to customize.

Let me know if you need more help.