OwlSight 64MP on-chip HDR

  1. Where did you get the camera module(s)?

  2. Model number of the product(s)?
    SKU: B0483

  3. What hardware/platform were you working on?
    Raspberry Pi CM4 with IO Board

  4. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
    I followed this setup on a freshly installed Bookworm OS

  5. What help do you need?
    According to the omnivision website of the OV64A40 ( OV64A (ovt.com)) it has 3‑exposure, 4‑cell HDR with on-chip combination and tone mapping.
    Since libcamera offers the –hdr sensor option, I was wondering if this feature will be available in the future? I currently can not see any difference in the image when capturing it with the –hdr sensor option.

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