OwlSight 64MP camera modes


In the specs of the sensor I find a 32MP and a 16MP binned mode. Can we expect that those will be implemented in the future?

If not, is it possible to implement it myself?

TBO, 16MP binned mode is right here(4624×[email protected]). As regards to the 32 MP, suggesting that you use the libcamera command to cut it from a bigger existing resolution.

Thank you for the reply!

While cropping in post may be a solution for some, I am trying to achieve this on the sensor.
If I query the modes in libcamera, it lists : (784, 1312)/7712x4352 crop] which indicates that the 32MP mode is available somehow.

But capturing with the option0 --mode 7712x4352:10:U returns a 48MP (8k x 6k) DNG.
Do I maybe misinterpret the output of --list-cameras?