OV9281 (MIPI, RasPi) Strobe Output

I’ve got a B0165 OV9281 camera module I’ve been using. I’m trying to get a precise measurement of the time the frame is captured from my application. My hope is to use the FSTROBE output for this. Unfortunately, as is currently the case FSTROBE stays high for the duration of camera operation, rather than pulsing high at the beginning of each frame capture.

I believe there are some registers to configure timing of this signal on the OV9281. Is that the case? How do I do this?

Side note for anyone who might have similar questions: FSTROBE seems to be an open-drain output, so I pulled it high to the camera board 3.3V pin with a 5k resistor to measure that it was going high and staying there for the duration of camera operation.