OV9281 M12 glued lens?


I’ve purchased from your distributer a OV9281 camera B0225 (850nm) with 130deg M12 lens. However I was surprised to discover that the lens is glued to the lens holder (some sort of black glue)! What is the point of this glue? I bought the M12 version explicitly to be able to change the focus and, if required, replace the lens. Is it possible to remove this glue without damaging the mount and sensor?

Thank you

Hello Rodion,

Thanks for contacting Arducam about your concerns.
As you could find that the default M12 mount lens on the OV9281 camera module is glued to the lens holder as the lens holder is very short and the lens tends to move during the shipment.
However, you can also try to remove the glue slightly using a small tool such as a utility knife and unscrew the lens and replace it with other M12 lenses.

Feel free to let us know if we can help further.

Let me know if you need more help.