OV9281 extreme FPS, how?


According to OV9281 MIPI Camera Module datasheet, it is capable of capturing “VGA (640x480) at 180fps, QVGA (320x240) at 210 fps with binning, and QQVGA (160x120) at 400 fps with binning and skipping”.

Are there any details how to enable/use that “binning and skipping” ? The best I can get in arducamstill is 150 fps in “mode: 4, width: 160, height: 100” and 140 FPS in VGA on my Raspberry 4.

Thank you for your help



Simply modifying skip or binning registers may not be effective, but you can also try it. We need the cooperation of the manufacturer to call out some resolution configurations, because the manuals in our hands are not complete enough. The corresponding registers you want are as follows:

Thank you. Will I need to process the output format differently with binning enabled?


I don’t understand what you mean by the different output format. Can you explain it in detail?

My question is does the “binning” have effect on the output buffer? Will I need to “unpack” the “bins” or do something of this sort?


Compared with the image of the same viewing angle, the image output using the binning mode only has a smaller resolution and smaller data volume, so the buffer used should be smaller. If you are only concerned about the image itself, whether to use the binning mode, the difference is only in the case of reducing the resolution in the same viewing angle.